1. Why Exfoliation Is a Must Before Your Spray Tan by Kathryn

    How Does Exfoliating Help My Tan Come Out Even? Exfoliating not only leaves your skin feeling fresh and revived it also prepares your body for your spray tan. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and promotes blood circulation. We have millions of skin cells that are constantly shedding at different …Read More

  2. What to Expect at Your Appointment With Spray Tan by Kathryn

      By Aurora Smith You’re Prepped and Ready to Tan… Here’s What’s Next You made your appointment, you’ve read up on the best ways to prepare for your spray tan, and now it’s time! Here’s what you can expect at your appointment with Spray Tan by Kathryn. Prompt, Friendly Service Spr…Read More

  3. How to Prepare for Your Spray Tan

    By Aurora Smith   You’ve Made an Appointment… Now What? Congratulations! You’ve made your appointment for your first-ever spray tan, and you’ve chosen Spray Tan by Kathryn for our quality product and stellar service. You’re ready to experience the self-esteem boosting magic of a spray…Read More

  4. The Dangers of Salon Tanning

    Indoor Tanning vs. Sunless Tanning Getting that sun-kissed glow is something we all want. With a touch of bronze to our skin, you can get tone, beauty, and plenty of swag. While having a great tan is something we all love to have, some of us get our tans in a less-than-healthy way. For instance, in…Read More

  5. When to Book a Mobile Spray Tan

    When Should I Book My Spray Tan? As winter comes to an end, so does the pale look of your skin. For those who don’t worry about their tan during the winter, it's time to start the tanning routine again. The warm weather is slowly creeping back and it’s time to bare some skin. While warmer weathe…Read More

  6. Why You Should Always Choose a Spray Tan

    Why Choose Spray Tanning If there’s one thing that people can say about you, it’s that you always look your best, and that’s no accident. Every day before you step out the door, you make sure to take care of yourself and take on the day looking your absolute best. So it comes as no surprise th…Read More