1. Why Exfoliation Is a Must Before Your Spray Tan by Kathryn

    How Does Exfoliating Help My Tan Come Out Even? Exfoliating not only leaves your skin feeling fresh and revived it also prepares your body for your spray tan. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and promotes blood circulation. We have millions of skin cells that are constantly shedding at different …Read More

  2. Why You Won’t Regret Getting a Spray Tan by Kathryn!

    What Comes to Your Mind When You Think About a Spray Tan? I think everyone has different thoughts on Spray Tanning.  Before I got my first spray tan which was about 10 years ago I thought why would I get a tan?  My skin is already brown!   Well I decided to try it because I had bad pregnancy stre…Read More

  3. What to Expect at Your Appointment With Spray Tan by Kathryn

      By Aurora Smith You’re Prepped and Ready to Tan… Here’s What’s Next You made your appointment, you’ve read up on the best ways to prepare for your spray tan, and now it’s time! Here’s what you can expect at your appointment with Spray Tan by Kathryn. Prompt, Friendly Service Spr…Read More

  4. How to Prepare for Your Spray Tan

    By Aurora Smith   You’ve Made an Appointment… Now What? Congratulations! You’ve made your appointment for your first-ever spray tan, and you’ve chosen Spray Tan by Kathryn for our quality product and stellar service. You’re ready to experience the self-esteem boosting magic of a spray…Read More

  5. Spray Tanning is for All Skin Tones

    By Aurora Smith   Yep, Even You Lovely, Dark-Skinned Beauties Close your eyes and think of spray tans and the people who get them. Do you immediately think of a blonde woman with a sun-kissed glow? Or perhaps a fair-haired man lounging, tanned, on a beach somewhere? Possibly. But spray tans are…Read More

  6. Common Spray Tan Concerns — Answered

    Spray Tans are the Answer! Spray tans are fast, affordable, healthy for your skin, and — in the case of Spray Tan by Kathryn — completely organic and mobile! But maybe you still have some questions or concerns about your spray tan experience. We’ve got you covered. Common Concern #1: Am I Goin…Read More

  7. Spray Tanning Benefits

    Why Spray Tans Are Amazing When it comes to your appearance, making sure that you’re always looking your best is one of your priorities. Whether it’s a matter of making sure your hair is perfect or that you’re wearing the best outfit for the occasion, you know how to ensure that you’ll alway…Read More

  8. The Rising Need for Spray Tans in the Dance and Cheer World

    Spray Tans for Dance and Cheer Spray tans are almost always utilized for cosmetic purposes but they can be used for other reasons as well. One of the biggest industries looking to utilize spray tans for competition reasons is the cheer and dance world. Here’s why. It’s Professional Appearance an…Read More

  9. Get a Spray Tan for Your Bridal Party

    Bridal Party Spray Tanning As you prepare for one of the biggest days of your life, you have a ton of different things to book. Your makeup artist, your florist, and your caterer are all just a few of the many professionals you need to line up for the big day and another one you should be considerin…Read More