What Comes to Your Mind When You Think About a Spray Tan?

I think everyone has different thoughts on Spray Tanning.  Before I got my first spray tan which was about 10 years ago I thought why would I get a tan?  My skin is already brown!  

Well I decided to try it because I had bad pregnancy stretch marks and wanted to see if it would cover them.  Not only did it conceal my stretch marks, but I felt 15 pounds lighter and my skin was glowing! I knew it wasn’t a permanent fix, but for a week, I felt so much more confident.  

Tanning Is For Everyone

From fair to dark skin, male or female.  Maybe you are feeling great because you just hit your weight loss goal, or maybe you have scars that bother you or you are going through a hard time.

Spray tanning is more than a spray tan, it changes how people feel about themselves in such a beautiful positive way!  

We Take Pride In Our Solution

Spray Tan by Kathryn takes pride in using a solution that is organic and has no fragrance, alcohol or oils.  We offer a variety of solutions that are customized to your skin tone to ensure the right glow for you!  

Book your appointment at our Beauty Bar today, using our brand new Spray Tan by Kathryn mobile app available on Google Play and the App Store. We can’t wait to see you!