Why Choose Spray Tanning

If there’s one thing that people can say about you, it’s that you always look your best, and that’s no accident. Every day before you step out the door, you make sure to take care of yourself and take on the day looking your absolute best. So it comes as no surprise that you also love having a consistent glow to your skin. Not only do you take the steps to keep your skin healthy, but you love tanning. However, tanning in a bed or sunbathing isn’t always the best choice. Why? Too much time in the sun can lead to skin problems, the most dangerous one being skin cancer. In addition to that, sunbathing isn’t always an option. Why not choose a safer alternative to sunbathing and bed tanning such as spray tans? Here are some of the reasons you should always choose a spray tan over anything else.

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It’s Safer

We touched on it a bit before, but it’s important to understand just how dangerous tanning beds can be. Tanning on a consistent not only leads to premature skin aging but the risk of developing melanoma by 75%. By choosing sunless tanning, you can safely get the glow that you seek, without increasing your risk of melanoma or premature aging.

It Looks Better

Because you care about how you look, it’s important for you to have a natural looking tan, rather than the orange look that tanning beds can give you. A spray tan can give you a great looking glow that is natural looking and even. With Spray Tans by Kathryn, you also get an all-natural, organic spray tan. There are no crazy chemicals with our sunless tanning products, so you can rest assured that your great looking tan is also safe for your skin.

It’s More Cost Effective

Getting a membership to a tanning bed establishment is not cheap. The only way for you to get more bang for your buck is by tanning everyday, sometimes twice a day at some places. Not only is that harmful to your skin, but you could actually dehydrate yourself. A spray tan lasts for weeks for a fraction of the cost.

It’s Organic

When you get your spray tan from Kathryn, you’re getting a completely organic product from a trained esthetician that understands how important it is to take care of your skin. She also understands wanting to maintain a beautiful glow year round.

It’s Smarter

Even just for the sake of keeping your skin safe from unnecessary or excessive UV rays, getting a spray tan that comes to wherever you are is much smarter than getting in your car and driving to fry your skin. Spray Tan by Kathryn offers mobile spray tans to those in the San Jose area.

If you’re looking to get a great glowing look that is safe, mobile, and organic, then look no further than Spray Tans By Kathryn. You’ll get a beautiful look from a safe product at your convenience. What could be better?! Call or click to make an appointment today!