When Should I Book My Spray Tan?

As winter comes to an end, so does the pale look of your skin. For those who don’t worry about their tan during the winter, it’s time to start the tanning routine again. The warm weather is slowly creeping back and it’s time to bare some skin.
While warmer weather is a great reason to get a spray tan, there are plenty of other times you need to get a spray tan as well. Here are the most important times to get a spray tan.

Wedding Season

Wedding season is just around the corner, and you don’t want to be caught in a summer floral dress without a decent tan, especially if you’re in the wedding. Getting a spray tan before attending a wedding will ensure that you look your absolute best when attending weddings this spring and summer.

Last Minute Plans

You friends just called and said they’re going to Vegas this weekend and you’re invited, but you haven’t had time to start getting a tan and the weather hasn’t been warm enough to do so. The thought of rocking your winter layers at the pools on the strip is unfathomable to you, but a spray tan can save the day. Book an organic spray tan ASAP so that you can get the glow you need to look your best while laying by the pool.

You Have a Date

Last minute plans call for you to meet up for dinner and a movie with prince charming. However, you weren’t expecting it to be tonight! Instead of covering up with long sleeves and pants, get a spray tan so you can rock the perfect little black dress.

Barbecue Season

Soon enough, the time for friendly backyard barbecues will be here and when it is, you want to be prepared. Get ready to look bronzed at every barbecue this summer by booking your organic spray tan.

You Need a Confidence Boost

Somedays are rough, and it’s those days that you could really use a pick-me-up. A spray tan is a great way to boost your confidence level. We all have those days where we need a little pat on the back, and there’s no quicker way to boost your confidence than with an organic spray tan.

You Want to Try Something New

Many of the customers that we get here at Spray Tan by Kathryn are people searching for an alternative to bed tanning or sun tanning. Spray tans have always been the safer choice, though, not all spray tans are created equal. The best option for your skin is to choose an organic spray tan. No harmful chemicals and no harmful UV rays make for a great alternative to using a tanning bed or sun tanning.

You’ve wondered when the best time to book a spray tan is and, quite honestly, it’s anytime! Whenever you’re ready to kiss your skin with a touch of sun, simply choose the safe option with airbrush tanning. Spray Tan by Kathryn is available for those looking for a bronzed look without the dangers of sun tanning. The best part? Our sunless tanning option is mobile! When you’re looking for a way to get an airbrush tan, simply book your appointment and we’ll come to you! Give us a call today to get started!