Indoor Tanning vs. Sunless Tanning

Getting that sun-kissed glow is something we all want. With a touch of bronze to our skin, you can get tone, beauty, and plenty of swag. While having a great tan is something we all love to have, some of us get our tans in a less-than-healthy way. For instance, indoor tanning in beds has been a popular way to get a tan for decades and even with all of the information regarding the dangers of it, people still do it.

Here at Spray Tans by Kathryn, we provide a healthy and safe alternative to indoor and sun tanning. We offer clients airbrush spray tans that provide a smooth and even look, without the dreaded creases and streaks you’ll find from cheap spray tans.

We want to encourage people to make the healthier choice by choosing organic spray tans that won’t hurt their skin in any way and by educating our future clients about the harms of bed tanning.

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Dangers of Indoor Tanning

It’s Popular Among Young People, Yet It’s the Most Dangerous for Them

It needs to be understood that UV rays are dangerous whether you’re outside or tanning inside. Certain UV rays can have detrimental effects on one’s health. In fact, some of the most harmful UV rays will actually change your DNA, which is what doctors believe causes cancer.

Why Does this Matter?

Teens and young women love to tan because they believe it improves their appearance. This is an issue because teens are still developing in their young age, and exposure to harmful UV rays can change this course dramatically.

Indoor Tanning is Addictive

According to the skin cancer foundation, those that are addicted to tanning exhibit both physical and psychological dependency on tanning. Research has shown that UV light releases opioid-related endorphins, which could be one of the biggest reasons it can become addictive.

As for the psychological attraction, many tanners report feelings of relaxation during tanning and sensations of pleasure. Some even reported pain relief from their tanning sessions. The combination of all these physical benefits are what can lead to a physical addiction.

Indoor Tanning Increases the Risk of Developing Melanoma

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, killing one person every 50 minutes. It’s also been shown to be the second most common form of cancer among people ages 15 to 29. Melanoma rates are increasing faster than almost all other cancers are.

What Are the Tanning Alternatives?

Maintaining a beautiful, natural glow is important to many young men and women. Knowing the alternative options to tanning can help maintain the bronzed look they’re going for while also protecting their skin from overexposure to harmful UV rays.

The best alternative to sun tanning is sunless tanning. Self-tanners are one way to go, but they tend to leave streaks and splotches on the skin and they’re unattractive. A safe way to get a bronzed glow is by choosing an organic spray tan.

Mobile, Organic Spray Tans by Kathryn

Here at Spray Tan by Kathryn, you can depend on a smooth and even tan that you and your skin will love. Your skin absorbs chemicals the same way your body absorbs nutrients, so it’s important that you’re choosing safe products that won’t harm you. With airbrush tanning, you can rest assured that you’re protecting yourself from UV rays, but the organic spray tans we have to offer to make it even safer to get a gorgeous glow.

If you’re in need of a mobile spray tan near you, don’t hesitate to call us today!

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