By Aurora Smith


Yep, Even You Lovely, Dark-Skinned Beauties

Close your eyes and think of spray tans and the people who get them. Do you immediately think of a blonde woman with a sun-kissed glow? Or perhaps a fair-haired man lounging, tanned, on a beach somewhere? Possibly. But spray tans are so much more versatile than that.


Spray Tans by Kathryn’s very own founder, Kathryn herself, is a gorgeous woman of Italian and African American descent. She, along with others, have found numerous benefits to spray tanning.

Spray Tanning for all Complexions

But isn’t the point of spray tanning to get, well, darker? Yes, but spray tanning, while of course darkening skin pigment, also serves other purposes.


Alexis Bennett in this article for Self, says she was born with a “naturally deep caramel” skin tone, and had never thought of getting a spray tan until watching reality TV, when she saw someone with her complexion getting a spray tan. She decided to try it.


“What I loved the most was the sun-kissed glow that the spray tan had left behind. It looked as if I had just spent a couple of weeks in Jamaica,” she writes. “It’s like turning up the saturation on a picture before you upload it to Instagram.”


Spray tans on darker skin tones give you a vibrant, yet subtle, healthy glow. They help cover stretch marks, even out skin tone, and give you a just-back-from-vacation look. What’s not to love?

Extra Benefits

Aimee Simeon, a self-identified black woman writing for Popsugar in this article, had never gotten a spray tan and never intended to, until her beauty editor offered her the chance.


“Once my tan was complete, I gazed in the mirror and was overwhelmingly pleased with my glowing, toasty complexion,” she writes. “My belief that a certain beauty enhancement is made solely for one type of skin is just a myth that feeds into beauty stereotypes. I am a black girl, I got a spray tan, and I loved it.”


Now is the perfect time to break down your own beauty stereotypes. Maybe you think spray tans aren’t for this skin tone or that gender. Maybe you believe spray tans aren’t for this economic class or that body type. It’s time to re-evaluate and dismantle those beauty myths!

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Spray tans, especially those done by Spray Tans by Kathryn, are for everyone. Your pigment is mixed especially for you to ensure a natural look, and applied by hand to guarantee an even, polished end result. So whether you want to be a few shades darker or even out your skin tone or look like you just stepped off a beach in Maui, a spray tan is your solution.