Why Spray Tans Are Amazing

When it comes to your appearance, making sure that you’re always looking your best is one of your priorities. Whether it’s a matter of making sure your hair is perfect or that you’re wearing the best outfit for the occasion, you know how to ensure that you’ll always look great. Which is why you’re no stranger to spray tanning. Getting a spray tan poses many benefits and it’s easy to see how. Here are the best things you’ll get a high-quality spray tan.

You Have A Sun-Kissed Look Year-Round

Be honest, you know that everyone looks great with an even tan, especially in the dead of winter. Your sun-kissed skin is beautiful and desirable and gives you the opportunity to look great in any type of outfit all year long.

Spray Tans Aren’t Unhealthy

Maintaining a bronzed look at all times can actually be quite dangerous to your health. It’s important to make sure that you’re not choosing beauty over health. With an organic spray tan, you can rest assured that you’re getting a great tan without any threat to your health. Get bronzed skin without harmful UV rays with a product that doesn’t use harmful chemicals.

They’re Organic

The airbrush tans from Spray Tan by Kathryn are completely natural. Our spray tans are 100 percent organic, and give you a nice, even look that you’ll love. We pride ourselves on providing the beauty industry with a safe product and practice that everyone will love.

They’re Semi-Temporary

Our spray tans will last longer than your typical spray tan, but after some time, all spray tans will fade. IF you’re someone that wants to maintain their tan, then getting frequent spray tans is the best plan of attack. However, if you’re getting a spray tan for a special event, then you won’t have to worry about your dark color staying around for too long.

Spray Tans Give You Muscle Tone

Whether you’re in shape or not, a great spray tan will actually give you the appearance of more toned muscles than usual. If you are toned, an organic spray tan will simply accentuate the already tan look you have. This is one of the biggest reasons those in dance and fitness competitions utilize organic spray tans so they can enhance their looks.

They’re Affordable

For those that love to tan, might have noticed that a tanning membership at a salon isn’t the most affordable. Beyond that, a lot of them have contracts that you might have a hard time getting out of, costing you a potential arm and leg. Not only is bed tanning unhealthy, it’s not sustainable and you may end up finding yourself stuck in a contract you don’t to be in. Our all-natural spray tans are affordable and you’ll never be stuck getting spray tans you don’t want.

It’s a Great Way To Treat Yourself

When you’re looking to pamper yourself with an all-out spa day, don’t forget to add a spray tanning appointment to your schedule. Taking care of yourself is important to you, and you want to ensure that you’re pampering yourself head-toe. From getting your hair cut and styled to getting your nails and toes done, giving yourself some love is a great way to center yourself. Complete your look with an airbrush tan and you’ll own every room you walk into.

Why Choose Spray Tan by Kathryn

Here at Spray Tan by Kathryn, we use quality techniques in airbrush tanning as well as high-quality products. We choose spray tans so that we can get a healthy glow without the harmful UV rays, giving you the best option for getting that sun-kissed look. Our products are all organic and the best part is, we come to you! That’s right! If you’re looking to book a spray tan near you, don’t hesitate to give our airbrush tanning artists a call and we’ll arrive at your nearest convenience.

Whether you’re looking to maintain a healthy glow, are trying to escape your currently pasty look, or want to enhance your appearance for an upcoming special event, our tanning artists are ready to help provide you with an organic spray tan that you’ll love.

Give us a call today and find out why people are raving about Spray Tan by Kathryn.