Spray Tans are the Answer!

Spray tans are fast, affordable, healthy for your skin, and — in the case of Spray Tan by Kathryn — completely organic and mobile! But maybe you still have some questions or concerns about your spray tan experience. We’ve got you covered.

Common Concern #1: Am I Going to Turn Orange or Streaky?

This is a very common question. We’ve all heard stories of spray tans gone bad, when you wind up an odd color or with an uneven application. This is especially common when using over-the-counter bottled tanning lotions or even going to salons that utilize impersonal spray tanning booths.

Because Spray Tans by Kathryn are applied 100% by hand, with an organic solution completely customized to your skin tone, your tan will never look unnatural. You exit your quick, 20-minute, in-home appointment with a flawless, even, natural-looking glow.

Common Concern #2: Will I Smell Like Spray Tan Solution?

No one wants to smell like chemicals! Our solution is fragrance-, alcohol-, and oil-free, and made from vegan and organic ingredients, which means no chemical spray tan scent clinging to your skin for days on end — just a radiant tan.

Common Concern #3: Will a Spray Tan Stain My Clothes?

While no spray tans are 100% guaranteed not to stain, because Spray Tans by Kathryn is a mobile service, you get your tan in the comfort of your own home. This means you’re free to wear whatever you’d like (though of course we recommend loose clothing), whether or not you’d  wear it to a public salon!

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