I’m Kathryn and I am a master certified tanning artist and licensed esthetician providing spray tans to the beautiful people of San Jose, California. For years, I have had a passion for the beauty industry and with each passing day my passion has grown stronger. I love my job, and I love what I can do for people.

As an esthetician, I get to provide my clients with a quality product that enhances their beauty and boost their confidence. I’m happy with my look, and my clients are too, but sometimes we all need a little extra to boost our internal feel and external look. I see spray tans as a solution to help people with skin problems. Scar, stretch marks, and uneven skin are all reasons my clients choose airbrush tanning, but for those looking for a quick tan for a big event like a wedding, a spray tan is a great option.

Even out your skin, cover up your scars or simply enhance the beauty you posses with a natural glow. Sunless tanning can be dangerous if you don’t use the right product, which is why I prefer to use a high quality product that is organic, fragrance-free, oil-free, and alcohol free. My clients will benefit from flawless looking skin from a great product that is affordable. When you’re in need of a quick tan, Spray Tan by Kathryn is there for you.   

Enhance your already beautiful skin with an even, natural looking glow that you can flaunt all over the Bay Area.