Organic, Fragrance Free, Oil Free, and Alcohol Free

Welcome to Spray Tan by Kathryn!

When it comes to tanning, there is a negative attitude that exists around it. People tend to think of sunless tanning as unnatural or unhealthy when the truth is it can be anything but! My spray tans are not only natural, they’re organic and provide a beautiful glow for anyone that takes a chance on a spray tan.

While getting a fake tan in a tanning bed has been proven to be dangerous, there are alternatives to achieve a natural, healthy glow without the harmful UV rays. The best way to get that glow without risking skin cancer is by getting spray tans. However, as a consumer, it’s important that your do your research and get a tan using only healthy materials. Oftentimes, tanning salons that offer sunless tanning do so with harmful chemicals that are not just bad for your skin, but for your overall health. This is precisely why I use only the best spray tans that are made from organic substances. When you get a spray tan by Kathryn, you get an organic, fragrance-free, oil free, and alcohol-free tan that is long lasting.